We help you create business by leveraging the potential of IoT.

We are a strategic business development and IoT-solution firm that specialises in helping companies create new business values by leveraging the potential of IoT. We always include our collective experiences from Scandinavia's leading IoT-projects and we ensure that our solutions are future proof.
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We have significant experience with navigating business cases to future-proof solutions.

We have launched numerous IoT-solutions on the market and our team includes senior advisors that have vast technology experience within electronics, mechanics and software projects combined with many years of management and business development.
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We are based in the Øresund region and apart from our employed senior advisors we utilize a comprehensive network of specialists in Denmark and Sweden.


We have senior advisors specialised in IoT-technologies and business case development. We are impartial and have launched numerous IoT-solutions on the market.
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We develop and implement Industrial IoT. We help connect factories, products and machines to the cloud by utilising device, edge and cloud technologies.
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We offer maintenance and operation of IoT-systems on behalf of our clients and make sure all services are up and running when e.g. cloud platforms are updated.
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We are currently offering the following positions in our Scandinavian offices

LoRaWAN: A low power wide area network with wide reach. An open standard that runs at unlicensed frequencies, where you establish a network with gateways.

Sigfox: A low power wide area network reminiscent of LoRa. Offered in Denmark by IoT Danmark, which operates the nationwide network that integrates seamlessly to other national Sigfox networks in the world.

NFC: Used especially for wireless cash payments.

Zigbee: Used especially for home automation in smart homes, for example. lighting control.

NB-IoT: Telecommunications companies’ IoT standard. A low-frequency version of the LTE network.

2-3-4G Network: Millions of devices are connected to a small SIM card, which runs primarily over 2G, but also 3G and 4G.

Wifi: The most established standard, especially used for short-range networks, for example. in production facilities.

CATM1: A low power wide area network, especially used in the United States.